My Top 5 Favourite TEDs

Since I haven’t posted for a while, I thought a nice festive treat for my blog would be some words from other people.  They say information is power but it’s more than that: it’s entertaining and inspiring too.  And on the web, there aren’t that many sites that do that better than TED and its huge catalogue of interesting talks.  (Not-Really-A-Disclosure: I really, really want to go to TED one day).  So here are 5 of my favourites from over the years.

Bring on 2010 – a year of change, empowerment and general awesomeness.

Hans Rosling (2006)

The man who has done more for popularising statistics than anyone since Disraeli, this is an incredible talk both for content and delivery – showing that numbers don’t have to be boring.

Jeff Skoll (2007)

I like this talk because it’s about achieving your goals and what happens next.  You find new goals and go for them.

Richard Dawkins (2002)

Because I agree with the sentiment and admire the boldness of someone actually standing up and saying it.

Dan Ariely (2009)

Fascinating research into why humans act the way we do – why we tend to cheat and how we can build systems to avoid it.

Barry Schwartz (2009)

Inspiring stuff on how we lost our way and whether we can regain the right path.

In case you’re in extra need of some additional viewing material this holiday, some honourable mentions:


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