Resolutions for a new year (but not New Years Resolutions)

Although I’m not one for new years resolutions, this year is all about starting over for me.  Making a public statement about my plans for the year will be an interesting experiment.  Mostly this year will be about picking up the pieces of my life that got hit hard by grad school.  Given that I’m learning about all this serious MBA stuff right now, I guess I should put some SMART targets on each of my ‘resolutions’.  Therefore, I present to you a couple of things, other than finding a cool job in a cool city, that I want to do over the next 12 months.

Pick up the pace of this blog

I enjoy writing this but struggle to find the time to dedicate myself to writing up my half-baked ideas for blog posts into complete articles.  I need to spend less time making every idea or post perfect and more time just sitting down with no distractions and writing.  I might also contemplate a redesign of the website once I have more free time.

Target: Blog at least once a week on average (that’s 52 posts and I’m already behind).

Listen to more varied music

With digital music and the streaming revolution in full swing, access to music has never been easier.  But with that freedom comes decisions and the Paradox of Choice (see Barry Schwarz’s work).  In fact, since starting up my music site – – I have found, listened to and blogged about more music than ever before but this tends to be mostly restricted to one, albeit hazy and rather large, genre of alternative indie music.  In 2010 I will get out of my bubble more and listen to wide varieties of music that I have enjoyed in the past or am intrigued by – West African music and Reggae in particular are genres that will see a lot of action in the coming months.

Long shot target: Go to the Festival Au Desert in Mali in Jan 2011

Read more (offline & long-form)

Over the last couple of years I have probably read more I have ever done in my entire life (thanks to lots of school papers and my addiction to internet blogs).  But this has come at a price – my attention span is shorter and my ability to concentrate on tasks to completion has decreased.  I blame the internet.  Not only that, I’m missing out on a whole world of entertainment by skipping traditional literature and am accruing an ever-increasing pile of books on my read-these-later shelf.  So I want to go back to basics a bit this year and get back into books, try and make a bit of a dent in that pile and maybe, just maybe, learn something along the way.

Target: Read at least one book per month

Get fitter

This one goes without any real need for an explanation.  I’m getting older and sometimes it really feels like it.  I haven’t made time for exercise in the last two years and that will change. I’m going to start cycling more (sometimes artificially, sometimes really) and maybe pick up one of those rackets or bats that have been sitting in the corner of the room giving me an evil look.

Target: Cycle 1,500 miles this year.  (You can check my updates on that at RunKeeper with which I cycled over 230 miles during last Summer’s to and from work experiment)

Finally, a BHAG: Improve hotspotmusic

Developing my own music website/blog has been great fun and good experience at building my own site and starting to slowly build a fan base.  But there are so many more things I wish I could do with it – most of them restricted by my inability to do any real web programming/design.  I think the digital and social music space is now at the beginning of truly opening up and will continue to grow at a crazy rate and maybe some of my ideas could have a place there.  But it’s also just an enjoyable project for me so I’ll take it as far as my free time can manage.

Target: Design and (have someone else) build my vision for the next step for hotspotmusic

P.S. Ahem, and get a job.


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