Apps that are MADE for the iPad

After the initial anti-climax of ‘just a big iPhone’, I began thinking more about the iPad and how, in actual fact, a big iPhone would be superb.  It broke the mold for human-computer interaction and the iPad looks to extend that even further.  Thinking about the amount of time I spend reading vs writing online, the tablet will probably be a very handy gadget for lounging about and reading.  So yes, I’ve changed my mind a little and I like it, and I’m probably going to buy one so consider this post a flipside to the post I made denying my interest.  In particular, I can think of a number of applications that are currently on my phone or Mac that would be perfect for the iPad:

News Reading Apps: Feedly, Read It Later & Magazines?
As well as surfing the net, these two tools in particular are perfect for running quickly through a large amount of news sources that are a key part of my daily web habits. Feedly is not yet on iPhone but is a superb Firefox add-on aggregating and prettifying all my feeds and whilst Read It Later works great on a small screen, it’ll work even better on a large one.  While these are great for aggregating various web content, the iPad holds much more potential for saving the publishing industry by magazines actually controlling and releasing their content in beautiful, interactive apps.  I can see myself flicking through the pages of Wired, the Economist or Fast Company on this device.  And, most importantly, paying for it.

Photo Editing Apps: Photoshop, CameraBag, etc…
There’s so many good photo editing apps on the iPhone that it’s a little hard to keep up – personally, I have about 8 of them sitting there waiting for the right opportunity. However, photo editing software on your computer has generally been expensive to acquire the software and time consuming to learn how to use it. And this is where the iPad steps in. With a multi-touch interface, photo editing is going to be incredibly easy for a layperson to learn and I can see this leading to a great increase in creativity, expression and good old fashioned time-wasting fun.

Productivity Apps: WordPress, Keynote…
Here is a great example of where the inability to multi-task is actually a great thing – without any distractions and a big screen iPad users will be able to focus on writing. With a touchscreen drag-and-drop interface, pulling together a good looking presentation should be a matter of minutes instead of hours too.

Music Apps: The Hype Machine &
Stick the machine in its dock, turn on the music app and go – new music streaming all the time, artist information, blog posts, gig listings, social networking features… it’s all here and I expect some awesome music apps for iPad. Not to mention the possibilities for music creation apps…

Diary Apps: Momento
Momento is a diary app but it’s not just meant for old fashioned Dear Diary stories. It pulls in all of your social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, & Flickr) to produce a record of what you’ve been doing each day on the web. And when you add brief ‘moments’ or stories from your day, it could be quite a compelling way of tracking what you’ve been up to. It also has a great design too which always helps.

Why would you need an entire cupboard full of board games when you can just fire up a couple of apps. Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Monopoly and many more already exist on the iPhone and porting these to the larger form makes them perfect for sticking in the middle of the living room table and playing. Just don’t spill your coffee on the board.

These are just a few ideas for now – I’m sure we’ll see some great innovation in applications for the iPad.


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