hotspotmusic: The Half-Year Report

My music blog – – has been running for 6 months now and it’s been a wild ride so far.  With the exception of a holiday stint which was unfortunately combined with a tumblr malfunction, there’s been at least one album posted every day for the last half year.  And there’s one thing that I’m more sure of than ever after this – the music industry is NOT broken.  Maybe the record industry is… but the amount of music out there combined with the tools available for bands and fans alike is incredible and there’s never been a better time to be a creator or consumer of music.

It’s been a lot of fun – readership is growing slowly and it has been added to the list of top resources on Spotify’s website. Most of all it has exposed me to a lot more music in my quest to find new and interesting things to post. Also, I discovered quite an active community of bloggers, developers and fans in the Spotify ecosystem and it’s been great to be part of that as it grows. Hopefully with a US launch not too far off everything will take one step further towards a digitally enhanced, musical utopia.

But for now, here’s some numbers on hotspotmusic’s reach today.

  • over 500 visitors per month to the site (according to Google Analytics)
  • 112 twitter followers and on 25 twitter lists with a reach of many more across the web
  • 68 facebook fans
  • 46 RSS subscriptions
  • 39 followers via Tumblr
  • over 1,500 plays for all my playlists that have been regularly featured on sharemyplaylists

It’s a humble start but even if those numbers were 10x lower, I’d still enjoy it.  Here’s to the next 6 months.


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