ProductCamp Berlin – A few thoughts

A few thoughts actually sums this up very nicely.  On Saturday I attended ProductCamp Berlin – an unconference for product management and product marketing professionals.  The unconference part simply means that nothing is decided until the day and then, essentially, upon the whims of those who turn up.  For something as unstructured, it worked really well (despite the local alternative left’s attempted protest at all the new media buildings, much like the one we were holed up in, cropping up along the riverbanks) and the day was full of interesting conversation.

I particularly enjoyed a thought-provoking dissection of pricing strategies by Mark Schiefelbein and a surprisingly controversial talk on building products people love by Darryl Feldman from Nokia.  Some interesting stuff to take straight back to the office – although the product vs. marketing split wasn’t quite 50/50… maybe next time I’ll shoot my mouth off.  As a Berlin newbie, it was great to know that there are events going on like this all the time across the city and that there are people doing cool things.  It was also nice to meet a few of the locals.

Thanks again to Heike, Holger & Lars for organising so well.

One other side note from the day which I think sums up Berlin (and SoundCloud for that matter) quite nicely.  On my way to the venue at 8am on Saturday morning, I was walking along Holzmarktstr. by the river and was invited into a fairly nuts looking party.  It didn’t look like it had just started or that it was going to stop any time soon.  I presume that I had been invited in due to my SoundCloud t-shirt (which I’m learning is quite a powerful commodity in this town).  Sadly, I had to decline and explain to them that, contrary to rumours, we’re not a party company.


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